Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U) is about to get imminent root release

SM-G955U root
Are you ready kids?

Well folks, it would appear that the US Snapdragon version of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been cracked. With the news coming out early this morning (12 AM), the developers behind the effort have finally revealed that they’ve achieved a full-working, read/write root on the bigger Snapdragon-powered SM-G955U variant.

SM-G955U root

SuperSU running on a Snapdragon Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U).

Now, while this is excellent news, it’s just one of many long steps on the arduous journey of also achieving an unlocked bootloader, which as some of you know, is required for flashing things such as custom ROMs. Rest assured however that having root will make the latter process that much easier for developers.

Not many other details were announced, other than they had a working root method. The maintainers are working to package all of the required files and will be releasing it to the public shortly, which we will be keeping an eye on very closely. Furthermore, this soon-to-be method works across all software versions and up-to the July security patch.

If you plan on taking advantage of this rooting method, we suggest not taking any more OTAs until the process is officially released and your phone is actually rooted. Edit: A ROM package will be included to flash in Odin and will be required to root; your current versions do not apply.

Below you can see some of the screenshots which confirm root running on the SM-G955U as read/write.

SM-G955U root

Root-ey goodness, mmm.

SM-G955U root

Take that, Samsung.

Root for the Snapdragon Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U) is imminent, which is good news for us modding junkies. Next, we’ll wait for a bootloader unlock.

Cheers to BotsOne, elliwigy and all other devs for the countless hours, sweat, blood, tears and human sacrifices required to make this happen to appease the root overlords. 

Source | XDA

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