About Android Technica

Welcome to Android Technica, we’re just some humble Android nerds. There are plenty of Android sites around, but this one is different. We didn’t just want to build another news blog for Android; we’ve built a platform. A platform that will be used to call out shenanigans: both from the OEMs and carriers alike. A platform that will be used specifically to let the Samsungs, LGs and HTCs of the world know exactly what we want—and expect—from $,1000 devices.

While we’re daily readers of other Android news sites, we like to give technical commentary and share our knowledge about Android and the world of smartphones. That means our articles will be opinionated and not for the weak-hearted, however, we do our homework and we’re daily Android “power-users”, as they say.

So strap in as we journey down all aspects of Android, from low-end junk to high-end, wallet-busting RED phones.

Cheers from Android Technica

Review Statement

If we do a review on your product, even if you sent it to us, don’t expect any “brownie points” simply because we didn’t buy it. You will receive a fair and honest review based on how the product in question is supposed to be used. If it lives up to that, awesome. If not, well, let’s just say we don’t sugar coat much of anything (except food).

To our readers: let’s just say our reviews will definitely let you know if you should buy or bye.

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