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Android Technica runs every part of the site under HTTPS, meaning your information is privately sent between your computer/phone to our servers. Every time you visit, you will be automatically redirected. That said, you should still be cautious about commenting private information as comments are public.


We use Google AdSense to deliver ads and help us keep the servers spinning. As you’re probably aware, this leaves cookies on your computer in order to track your ad preferences.

But let’s get one thing clear: we hate obtrusive ads. That’s why our ad slots have been placed within sight, but out of your way; and more importantly: out of the contents’ way.


We use Disqus as our commenting system. Mainly because everyone has an account and because we like to keep it simple. Sign in, jump right back in. No new accounts to create. Just keep in mind that anyone can read what you post.

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By using our site, you agree to this simple Privacy Policy. Android Technica reserves the right to retain any rights not explicitly listed here. You also agree that we may change our policy anytime, without further notice to you. (But we’re not jerks, so we’ll make it known if we ever do).

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